At $11,995, is the 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV an exciting bargain?

Good price or no dice 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV

While Toyota recently introduced an all-electric crossover, the car is ridiculous His name is bZ4X, today Good price or no dice The RAV4 EV proves not to be the company’s first rodeo. Let’s see what the former “premiere” might now be worth in today’s hot electric car market.

“Go west, young man” is a phrase generally attributed to Horace Greeley, although this attribution is something the newspaper’s editor went largely to deny over the course of his later years. Last Friday I asked you “Go Westie” when we looked at a 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon Westphalia Weekender Which has seen better days. Rust, scratches, and not working It overcame the truck’s apparent inherent fate, with many of you feeling it was more of a parts car than a restoration project. At $6,700, those parts didn’t accumulate, and Vanagon was down 86 percent with no dice loss.

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When it comes to auto parts, the most important of those parts that are often considered is the engine. As car enthusiasts, we would like to know more about engines. When we talk about specific cars, we always want to talk about wEngine type cap under the hood, and what kind of The power you provide. And to some extent, what kind of sounds it makes. Frome Frome.

All this seems to have changed with the advent of modern electric cars. Most medium to high-end electric cars and trucks on display today offer pedal-to-ground acceleration previously reserved only for supercars. And the electric motors that make all of that don’t make much fuss or noise while doing so. As such, most car enthusiasts don’t get into the nuances of electric motors much. few of us Discuss the advantages inherent in AC motors versus DC motors, or that rare earth magnet material provides the greatest efficiency. Instead, most people focus only on how far the electric car will go before they run out of all the juice.

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today 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV The EPA was originally rated for a range of 95 miles between mentioned squeeze out. It’s safe to say that over time and charging cycles, this number has likely diminished. However, even 70-80 miles between plug-ins makes the electric RAV4 a viable city transportation method for many.

Toyota introduced the RAV4 EV in 1997, offering the model as a rental-only option To meet the state of California’s zero-emission vehicles. Once the letter of the law was met, Toyota dropped the EV version of the RAV4 and sold 328 pre-rental vehicles. In total, Toyota built Just over 2500 Cute-Ute Electric vehicles before closing Produce.

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Like many “compatible cars” of the time, the RAV4 EV was a derivation of an existing ICE-powered platform, and thus was burdened with a chassis that wasn’t optimized for an electric powertrain or battery placement. This meant a smaller, less efficient battery than that found in a modern electric car, and thus only a double-digit range. There is also no front trunk because the RAV4 EV uses this space for its console and other related electrical components.

The The battery is a 95Ah Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) package consisting of 24 12V cells with a total storage capacity of 27 kWh. By comparison, the modern Tesla Model Y uses a 75 kWh battery pack. vehicle Underground, the battery It drives a three-phase AC traction motor that produces a modest 67 horsepower and drives the front wheels through an internal differential. There is no conventional transmission used in an EV as the forward and reverse are handled via the direction of the engine. Regenerative and plug-in charging can be done in the car.

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Most RAV4 EVs appear to be painted white, however, this vehicle comes in a less hardware-like silver with contrasting gray moldings and fenders. It rolls on steel wheels and draws attention to its status as one of the rare RAV4 models inY way of the large air vents on the rear fenders. The bodywork shows signs of aging, and the seller kindly describes the most egregious of these in the ad photos. In general, this is not bad, it just seems a little.

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The interior has been similarly modified, with some obvious wear on the floor mats and a carpet on top of the dashboard that looks like an ill-fitting wig as is. Other than these issues, it seems quite adequate to live here, although if you’re expecting a large screen showing the transmission and battery charge status, you’ll be very disappointed. RAV4 offers concessions in Dash for an electric drivetrain, but that’s old school.

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The car was originally called the California home, though she now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to the ad.. Pictures in the ad weIt’s obvious that he was shot ca therefore probably come from a previous sale. No word has been given on the car’s current range, so this may be a sticking point in buying it. It comes with a few extras, including two spare windscreens that are both a working charger and two wall chargers for the home. I think the last two are parts. The title is clean and the car has a modest 97,000 miles on the clock.

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What could such a strange duckling be worth out of a car? The seller is asking for $11995, which is interesting probably less than it would cost to just replace the batteries if that was possible at this time. This makes this vehicle a limited life, and this may greatly inform your decision about its true value.

What do you think? Is this RAV4 EV worth shelling out $11995 while it’s sitting? Or does that price give you a fee?

It’s your decision!

Charlotte, North Carolina, craigslistor go here If the ad disappears.

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