At $7,500, is the 1979 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce a good deal?

Good price or no dice 1979 Alfa Romeo Spyder Veloce

For those looking for a sports car with doors that not only show but also lack the money to buy a Koenigsegg, today Good price or no dice Alpha must be a godsend. The rest of us will have to get past those doors and focus on whether the price pops up as well.

The term “use it or lose it” applies to many things in life, but is especially true of cars. Well, at least for older, mostly gas-powered cars. In the case of new electric cars, it may be more appropriate to say “Use it And Check it out “Because the life of the batteries in these cars is limited and each charge cycle brings the batteries one step closer to their e-waste graveyard. That’s what made yesterday 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV Such gambling. Here he is, 20 years old and probably still in the factory battery pack with who knows how many charge cycles he has under his belt. That made the car’s $11,995 price tag unpalatable to most people, a result that earned the RAV an unparalleled 93 percent loss.

If we turn “use it or lose it” into something more Machiavellian, say “use it or not, you’ll lose it,” which car company comes to mind first? I’ll guess Alfa Romeo. This Italian gentleman of beauty and passion suffers from a (well-deserved, some say) reputation for poor quality and a frustrating lack of reliability.

However, to many aficionados, the good outweighs the bad…and broken…and the cinchros seem to be made from Hershey’s Kiss wrappers. I understood what I mean.

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This is amazing 1979 Alfa Romeo Spyder Veloce It doesn’t seem to have any of these issues. In fact, according to its advertisement, the only thing wrong with the car is a faulty fuel gauge. How very un-Alfa of it. And that’s a year ago when Alfa was still using Spica mechanical fuel injection to feed its awesome DOHC four-wheeler. This is a system that works great when it’s running, but it can be a nuisance when the pump seals clog and start leaking fuel into the sump.

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Maybe to make up for the broken gas gauge, the seller says the car has five new tires, new ball joints, two tie rods up front, and comes with just 45,968 miles on the clock.

And yes, it also comes with funky aftermarket door hinges that some people might describe as “lambo doors” but are really just regular doors that also swing open after opening. Its operation seems unnecessarily complicated, especially since the latch and the retaining pin require them to be secured in a conventional manner.

There are likely benefits to such a setup, but I’m finding it hard to tell what it might be. Regardless, the hinges should be easy to remove, returning the spider to its previous, simpler state. The doors aren’t the only evidence of someone’s idea of ​​making the Alfa a little more breeder than the manufacturer thought necessary. Under the hood, nearly all of the oak nuts, cam cover bolts and tank caps show evidence that they were painted red at one point. This isn’t an overspray from repainting either. This is someone’s conscious effort to “pig lipstick”.

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Everything else in the car looks reasonably normal and solid. Both the interior and the top look in serviceable shape, and the seller says the top is weatherproof. In the ad a bit of rust was noted blowing off the rear fender, but other than that, the body looks straight and clean. The only oddity in the cabin is the odd position of a clock fixed to the top of the ashtray door. I think that means it’s time to stop smoking.

Well, I know most of you are still stuck on the weird doors, but we need to look at the whole car and if it’s worth $7,500 because it’s seating and doors and everything.

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What do you say is this spider worth that kind of money? Or does this price close the door on any interest?

It’s your decision!

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