Genshin Effect returns with Yelan, The Chasm and Inazuma Events

Jinshin effect art by Yilan, Xiao, Yanfei, Ito and Koki Shinobu.

picture: huyvers

Jinshin effect He just came out of his first ever delay, and HoYoverse just came out announce Collection of events, tasks and features. More importantly, “Hidden Dreams in the Depths” adds the much-anticipated Yelan and Kuki Shinobu to the gacha character. And I’m excited about the new gaming possibilities they can unlock in my account.

Here’s my confession: I don’t enjoy Fischl or Venti as archers because their playing styles focus on casting a harmful spell and then switching to a different character. She preferred other shooters such as Child, Janeo and Kojo Sara, whose precise abilities required timing and precise skill. The newest Hydro user bow Yelan seems to be a balance between both approaches Jinshin Fight.

Her Elemental Burst skill summons a dice that deals water attacks coordinated with the active character’s normal attacks, just like the four-star sword character Xingqiu. This makes Yelan a great choice for enabling strong vaporization reactions or permafrost formulations. But it is not just a catalyst for adverse reactions. When she spent some time away from combat, her aiming arrows charged faster and became more powerful. And Yelan’s basic skill increases her speed and “identifies” any enemies she passes, causing damage to them at the end of the ability. I really enjoy that Yelan’s skill set allows her to play a variety of group roles.

and me pleased That ninja Kuki Shinobu is the electric wizard I’ve been asking for since the launch of the Inazuma District. Yes, yes, I know “Electro is the weakest element”, but it was exhausted that it was the only element that didn’t have a specialized wizard. Here’s the problem: she recovers better when her health is low, and using this basic skill takes a huge chunk of her health. So she joined forces with Hu Tao and Xiao in a style of play with high stakes and high rewards. Best of all, she’s a four star character. Which means you already have a reasonable chance of getting it in the gacha character.

The next update also features many mini-quests and games. New characters will appear for the first time in the latest main scenario, as players will continue to explore Chasm district in Liyue. And if you’re not far enough in the story to get involved, the update also features a mini drum game and the ability to make mini bots.

There are major quality of life upgrades, too. Domains will now display gameplay suggestions for completing their specific challenges, ability adjustment screens will tell players the order in which their talent books will be spent, and the Artifact List will list the most used stats for each piece. This update virtually eliminates the need to search millions of Reddit threads and YouTube videos for the best character designs. These improvements reflect how steadily HoYoverse has been released Official Tools This is similar For those that have been traditionally preserved before fans And Web Directory.

Version 2.7 will arrive on May 31.

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