Gloomhaven video game coming to consoles

Asmodee Digital announces that Gloomhaven, the incredibly popular game turned video game, is coming to consoles next year.

GlumhavenIts launch in 2017 rocked the board game scene. The mega crawler for up to four players was very popular and is still one of the best board games ever based on the overall ratings. GlumhavenThe success of Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios immediately sparked the demand for video game modification, which Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios introduced in late 2021. Now, Asmodee Digital is taking the next step with Glumhavento bring the strategy game to consoles in 2023.

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Initial release of Glumhaven It was intended for PC only, which allowed Flaming Fowl Studios to run the lengthy Steam Early Access. Early access allows developers to take their time and gather feedback throughout the development process. The result is that Glumhaven It is now fully available and has received “Very Positive” reviews on Steam. Furthermore, Flaming Fowl has already released a big jaw of Lion DLC for Glumhaven. It is currently in great shape and ready to reach a new audience.

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Details about GlumhavenThe newly announced console version is weak, for now. short trailer focused on GlumhavenThe Critical Awards ended with a brief message confirming the console release 2023 and nothing more. This means that no supported platforms have been announced yet. It is unclear whether Glumhaven It will only be a next-gen version, if it supports the Nintendo Switch, or if Asmodee Digital targets all platforms currently in use. Time will tell.

While the details about GlumhavenThe console port is thin, and it’s easy to see how well it will port over to the console-based platform. Glumhaven Turn-based combat features and players have very clear choices regarding their fighting options. It’s simple but incredibly tactical, allowing it Glumhaven Being tricky at times while allowing consoles to handle a variety of gameplay mechanics.

However, it will be somewhat disappointing for the players GlumhavenIts ports won’t arrive until 2023. That could mean console users will have to wait a year or more to finally try Glumhaven with their friends. However, it is important to keep in mind that Glumhaven Developed by a small but growing development team, these things take time.

Console players aren’t willing to wait Glumhaven You always have the option to pick up the original board game, of course. Glumhaven Widely available for purchase. Instead, Glumhavensequel Frosthaven It is tentatively expected to launch later this year. There is always the possibility of that Glumhaven On PC, it will receive more DLC as well. For those who are looking for a co-op crawler to play with friends, Glumhaven Worth a look.

Glumhaven Now available on PC.

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