Pam Adebayo dominates the Heat in Match 3 and beat the Celtics

In Eastern Conference Finals marred by major absences (Marcus Smart, Kyle Lowry, Al Horford, Rob Williams III, and now, perhaps, Jimmy Butler), a thrilling return to the floor and all the unpredictability that lied between them, the healthy stars somehow displayed their brilliance More important than it might already be.

For Miami, in Game 3, this was Bam Adebayo, the game’s nightmare who, at his best, could control all areas of the basketball game in subtle and clear ways.

After opening the series with a pair of duds, it was clear that The Heat couldn’t progress unless their center began to affect the action with more force. “We want him to be more involved and I have to do a better job,” Heat coach Eric Spositra said on Saturday morning. “And I think we’ll be able to get him to places where he can be assertive and how assertive he has been all season.”

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