The last of us is the project that breaks the curse of video game adaptation?

In recent years, video games have become the ideal medium for translation into television and movie adaptations, due to their emotional storytelling, beautiful visual effects, and their large fan base. But the problem with a core group of people who know and love games inside out and love them for years is that TV and movie versions of games often don’t live up to their followers’ expectations, and they lose sight of the charm of the original game that made it so compelling in the first place. A notable example of this in recent years Doctrine killerAnd monster hunterAnd Anonymous.

Today’s video games

And while there are recent series of mods that have been hugely successful, they tend to be movies and TV series that are based on in-game knowledge or characters, rather than a literal translation of the game’s story itself, for example Netflix mods of mysteriouswhich mainly creates a backstory for the beloved characters of league of legendsbefore the events of the game, and the magicianwhich draws on the knowledge and myths behind its video game counterpart, relying on the incredibly lovable Geralt to convey the story.

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So this begs the question, will the last of us Make a successful adaptation, such as mysteriousOr will she fall into the curse of the many subtitles that have appeared on screen before her, and let her fans down? The good news is the last of us It has all the essential ingredients needed to make a successful movie or TV series, including a cast of good characters, who are believable and trustworthy, a captivating story full of twists and surprises, which keeps people on the edge of their seat, and a series of dangerous scenarios and high stakes situations. But perhaps the biggest reason why many of these video game mods feel damned for not being successful is poor script writing and directing decisions, so the fate of the last of us The show really depends on the creators and stars they choose to cast the lead roles.

Another essential element to take this game to the big screens is the CGI involved in creating all those significant monsters in the world, the Infected. It is these non-zombie creatures that make the game so exciting, in this typical apocalyptic world in which the human race is fighting to survive. Fortunately, the series is being produced by HBO, who are no strangers to CGI-heavy, budget-heavy shows, including game of thrones And Westworld.

The original game is full of dangerous variations of these virus-infested creatures, which are the main obstacle in Joel’s path. When he encounters Ellie, a reclusive teenage girl with a very important secret, he decides to help her travel across the United States in search of a safe haven, as she reminds him of his daughter he lost at the beginning of the pandemic.

A story like this makes for a great adaptation when we see the two characters along with a group of others, fighting to protect each other against all odds, which becomes even more clear when Joel realizes that Ellie may be the key to the entire human race and survival, healing all those infected, but that To extract this remedy from her requires her death. Building this kind of relationship throughout the course of the game and then leaving the moral decision with the player as to whether or not to tear it up makes the viewing very attractive.

This works both ways of course, with some great examples of TV series being made into video games that follow the same critical and fast-paced decision themes, the best example being Telltale’s the walking Dead The games are in the same world as the show, but focus on different characters. However, it is very important to note that the most successful adaptations, whether from games to movies, or from movies to games, tend to be those that add to the original world, rather than trying to recreate it directly.

Many fans who already loved the original are keen on more stories around the world, rather than watching the same story in a different way, which is why there are upcoming games like Hogwarts Legacy And Gollum be very popular. This does not bode well for success the last of us A show, which seems to be a direct translation of the game’s story, surrounds the characters themselves and their journey across America. Does this mean that she will fall into the same disastrous category as so many who came before her, or should they the last of us Fans hope they can give a little new twist to an old story, and give it that exciting feature that fans have been looking for.

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